Über ACCH e.V

African Christian Council Hamburg e.V

The Umbralla organisation of over 60 African Churches in Hamburg. 

Unsere Geschichte

African Christian Council Hamburg.

There are many Africans  living in Hamburg whose lives are spiralling downward in a hurry. If no help or guiding hands they find, they’ll continue in a life full of struggles.  The Council is offering a helping hands to all that are indeed of spiritual and social needs. 

Our goal is to help Africans in Hamburg maxmise their potentials as greater contributors to the society.





Formally registered as an Organisation in Hamburg under the leadership of Late Pastor Alex Afram

Change of leadership and Executive Members. Pastor Okeke elected as the new Chairman of the Council. 

The Council  had her first independent office 

Still building bridges between African Churches and the other organisations in Hamburg and Germany. 

Our team


We think in team, we work in team and we win in team.