Vision & Goals of the ACCH e.V

African Christian Council Hamburg e.V is a the Governing Council for over 60 African led Churches in Hamburg. We are interdenominational, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Racial.

We are an active part of the eucumenical Bodies in Germany. (ACKH, AIG)

More than twenty-thousand immigrants of African descent live in Hamburg, these are the people that we want to reach with these goals.

Our Goals

- Promoting better Integration of Africans and their Participation in the Hamburg Society.

- Bridging the gap between helpful organisations centers in Hamburg and the Africans.

- Organising Inter-denominational Services, Seminars and Conferences.

- Giving our Youth the necessary support that they need.

- To work with our German counterparts like (ACKH) Members and other Christian bodies, in- and outside Germany.

- Making the efforts of African Pastors and their Churches in making Hamburg a better place visible.


Members have both rights and responsibilities in relation to the Council, which are embodied in the Council’s Charter and Statutes, which operate in addition to other benefits of membership provided from time to time. The following is a summary of the key rights and responsibilities under the Statutes, set out in everyday terms:

Your rights:

To attend and to vote at general meetings of the Institute on all resolutions put to the meeting, including appointed Board Members*.

Together with other members (minimum 30% of membership) to request the Board to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on a member resolution.

To receive the annual accounts of the Council.

To use the designated Council Logo in your peroidical flyers, letters in the specified format.

To receive formal written notice should the Council determine to terminate membership on any grounds (including non-payment of membership).

To be heard or make written representations to the Council following notice of intended termination (other than on grounds of non-payment of membership)*.

Your responsibilities:

Helping the Council to reach these goals through their active participation towards the programs  agreed  by

Council and also to support the Council Financially.

To use best endeavours to promote the Council

To pay annual dues and other fees levied by the Council from time to time.

To inform the CounciI of any change of name Church leadership and/or Church address.

To observe the Council’s Professional Code of Conduct, which are to Love, respect and recognise Jesus Christ in others  at all times.